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365 days of the year County Fair follows the sun to offer you the most premium quality products.

We use only superior cucumber seeds, the finest ingredients in order to produce the best “Fresh Refrigerated” Kosher Pickles in the market today.

We harvest in the rich San Joaquin Valley known worldwide for its fertility and crop success. During the latter part of the seaon we support local growers in the Pacific Northwest. We follow the sun to Mexico and upward into Texas and the Carolinas where we manage and maintain the same high standards of quality, premium products that we are known for in the market today.

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County Fair is the largest fresh packer on the West Coast in "Refrigerated" Kosher Pickle Products, Sauerkraut, Shelf Stable Products and Peppers. We care that you are satisfied.



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Winter 2017
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Winter 2017
Pickle "Pizzazz"

Pickle your way into the hearts of all with these fun and fancy "pickle perfect" healthy options fit for any event!


Winter 2017
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Shade makes the grade -

Sustainability is important to us at County Fair. We continuously search for alternative innovative solutions to enhance and support our shared "Green" future.